Boaz Dov Wong was the child of BD Wong who died at birth. Find out everything you need to know about him in this article.


Boaz Dov Wong was son of actor BD Wong and his former partner, talent agent Richie Jackson. On 28 May 2000, Boaz Dov succumbed to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome complications shortly after his birth.


That experience affected BD Wong, who later described becoming a parent and losing his mother in his book “Following Foo: Electronic Adventures of the Chestnut Man”. The book combined emails Wong sent to friends and relatives at the time and other reflections.

Boaz Dov lived a brief life but his story helped BD Wong become a father. Through his openness about the experience BD Wong raised awareness about twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome and challenges faced by families with infant loss.


Sadly, Boaz Dov Wong never had the opportunity to have a career since he died at birth.

His Father, BD Wong

BD Wong is a name synonymous with engaging performances and a commitment to diversity in Hollywood. His first journey began at San Francisco, where he was born in 1960. His acting began in high school and he graduated from San Francisco State University.

Wong began his Broadway career. He shocked the theatre world in 1988 as Song Liling in David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly. This shattered gender stereotypes won him a Tony Award, the highest honor in American theatre. And Wong’s talent showed on screen too. From the stage he appeared on television in roles including “Oz” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.”

His most familiar character is Dr. George Huang, the forensic psychiatrist on SVU. His two decades on the crime drama have made Wong a force to reckon with. Beyond television, Wong has appeared on the silver screen in “Jurassic Park” and “Focus.” He can play dramatic or comedic roles.

While his precise net worth remains secret, Wong’s sprawling career certainly lets him live comfortably. But he is truly a craftsman who advocates for more representation in Hollywood. He has suffered typecasting and discrimination as an openly gay Asian-American actor. He’s overcome them all and helped in creating an inclusive industry.

Wong’s personal life reflects that same drive to break barriers. He and then-partner, talent agent Richie Jackson, had twins via surrogacy in 2000. Sadly, one of their sons Boaz Dov died shortly after birth. This emotional journey was documented by Wong in his book Following Foo: The Electronic Adventures of the Chestnut man. His surviving son Jackson Foo is with his former partner and Jackson Foo’s husband.

BD Wong is an inspiration to actors and anyone who wants a more just world. He still entertains audiences with his performances and speaks out for inclusion on and off screen. His story is about perseverance and inclusiveness in entertainment.