There are some people in the world who get popular because of their kids and Dru Ann Mobley is one that proud parent. Today, she is popular because of her son, Armie Hammer, who is a famous American actor. If you are curious to find out more about Dru Ann Mobley, read this article where we will discuss everything about her.

Bio of Dru Ann Mobley

Considering the fact that Dru Ann Mobley is not a celebrity and is famous only because of her son, nothing much is available about her biography including the names of her parents as well as her age. If we talk about her married life, she was married to American businessman Michael Armand Hammer from 1985 to 2012.

Wiki of Dru Ann Mobley

Apart from the American nationality of Dru Ann Mobley, you are unlikely to find anything about the basic life details of Dru Ann Mobley. The reason is she herself has kept everything under wraps and has never ever spoken about her religious beliefs, personal interests, and other such details.

Parents and siblingsDru-Ann-Mobley

We have already told you that nothing is available about the family background of Dru Ann Mobley. This is the reason finding anything about her parents as well as siblings is not possible. From their personal lives to their professional careers, everything is secret about them.

Physical appearance

Dru Ann Mobley is one of those women who maintains herself and keeps themselves updated with fashion. Yes, the lady is super stylish even in her old age and looks much younger than her age. After looking at her slim personality, you can’t say that she is the mother of a 36-year-old child.

Early life and education

This does not come as a surprise that no details are available about the childhood as well as educational background of Dru Ann Mobley because she has kept all the information related to her personal life to herself only. This is the reason you are unlikely to find anything about the childhood and education of Dru Ann Mobley.

Career and future plans

With the fact that Dru Ann Mobley has not disclosed anything about her career and profession, we can’t make any assumptions about it. The same goes for the future plans of Dru Ann Mobley too. She has never bothered to talk about it publicly.

Hobbies and favorite things

It’s not just the significant life details of Dru Ann Mobley that are unknown to the public but she has also not taken the curtains off her personal life details like hobbies and favorite things.

Net worth

We would have been able to say anything about the earnings and net worth of Dru Ann Mobley only if she had made the details public related to her profession. Since she has kept everything to herself only, the exact net worth of Dru Ann Mobley can’t be estimated.


Dru Ann Mobley is a stylish mom. She has maintained herself so well that you can’t believe that she is the mother of a 35-year-old human being. All thanks to her modish fashion sense and slim body personality.