Echo V. Aoki is from a family that is well-known, but who exactly is she? Find out in this article.


Echo V. Aoki was born in Miami, Florida in 1985. She is the daughter of founder Rocky Aoki of the Benihana restaurant chain and his second wife, Pamela Hilburger. Echo is the eldest sibling of celebrity DJ Steve Aoki and model Devon Aoki. Unlike her younger siblings, Echo does not like to make her life public.



What exactly Echo does professionally is unknown. Some sources claim she enjoys going to public events and photoshoots. However, this information is yet to be verified.

Personal Life

Echo stays out of the spotlight but is close to Steve Aoki. There was a family split in 2008 when Rocky Aoki sued four of his children – including Echo – over alleged attempts to take control of his companies. But they apparently have since reconciled.

Her Celebrity Siblings, DJ Steve Aoki and Model Devon Aoki

Aoki brothers Devon and Steve Aoki have made their own paths in entertainment. Steven, an internationally acclaimed DJ and electronic music producer, rocks crowds with his energetic sets, while Devon, a former fashion icon, strutted down the runways of top designers and on international magazine covers.

Their father is Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki, founder of Benihana restaurants. Steve (1977) and Devon (1982) were raised in California in the glamor of Hollywood. No one knows their exact educational background but Steve showed an early interest in music. At UC Santa Barbara he studied music and then left to DJ. Devon, on the other hand, was discovered at just 13 by Kate Moss’s godmother. That introduction launched her into high-fashion.

In early 2000s, Steve’s career took off. He founded Dim Mak Records – electronic music platform – and became a worldwide DJ. His hybrid of genres, energetic live performances and collaborations with BTS and Linkin Park cemented his place in music history. He has a net worth in the tens of millions, which allows him to give back alongside his music career.

Devon path began on the runway. She modelled for Chanel, Versace and Jean Paul Gaultier which took her to Milano, Paris and New York. Her elfin features and petite stature set new trends in early 2000s runway aesthetics. Devon has mostly stopped modeling full time but remains a fashion icon and inspiration.

Individual successes aside, the Aoki siblings are close knit. Steve includes Devon often in his music videos and social media. In 2022, Steve was chosen for a lunar spaceflight.

The Aoki siblings’ story is one of family, dedication and achieving success on your terms. Steve continues to push boundaries in music and Devon has left her mark on fashion. Their career paths contrast but are also a window onto the many ways siblings carve out their own paths – and help others do the same.