Frances Quinn Hunter is a celebrity daughter who Rose to fame because of her father, John Edwards, a renowned American lawyer and former politician. Frances Quinn Hunter is just a young teenager and is already enjoying a good dose of popularity. Today, we are going to tell you all the life details of Frances Quinn Hunter. So, get into the article.

Bio of Frances Quinn Hunter

Frances Quinn Hunter is the 16-year-old daughter of Rielle Hunter and John Edwards. If you talk about the love life of Frances Quinn Hunter, we don’t think the young girl would be having any serious romantic relationship right now because she is just in her teenage years.

Wiki of Frances Quinn Hunter

Frances Quinn Hunter was born on 27th February 2008 and is an American by nationality like her parents. Other than this, nothing more information is available about basic details like personal interest, faith, and other such details.

Parents and siblingsFrances-Quinn-Hunter

Frances Quinn Hunter is the only child of her parents, Rielle Hunter and John Edwards, who never got married. Yes, Frances Quinn Hunter was born out of wedlock. The mother of Frances Quinn Hunter used to work as a mistress for her father.

If we talk about the professions, you already know that the father of Frances Quinn Hunter is a former politician and a lawyer while her mother is a writer and producer. If you talk about the siblings of Frances Quinn Hunter, she does not have any. However, she has three step siblings from her father.

Physical appearance

Frances Quinn Hunter is a tall girl with a slim personality. Frances Quinn Hunter has a fair complexion and her hair is brown. Although she never makes public appearances, we can talk about her physical appearance based on photographs her mother uploads on her Instagram handle.

Early life and education

Nothing can be said about the childhood as well as educational background of Frances Quinn Hunter because neither she nor her parents have come openly regarding these details. With the fact that Frances Quinn Hunter is 16 years old right now, we can say that she would be a school-going child.

Career and future plans

This is pretty obvious that Frances Quinn Hunter is not at the age to decide her career and talk about her future plans right now. She is just 16 and this is the age to complete study. In the upcoming 4-5 years, Frances Quinn Hunter will think about her career.

Hobbies and favorite things

Like many other details, Frances Quinn Hunter hasn’t disclosed anything about her hobbies and favorite things as well. However, we can say that Frances Quinn Hunter is fond of horse riding because the Instagram feed of her mother is full of appealing pictures of Frances Quinn Hunter indulging in horse riding.

Net worth

Frances Quinn Hunter of Disney does not have any net worth right now. After all,  this is not her age to earn money and have a net worth. However, she does not have a dearth of luxury and comfort in her life because she is the daughter of such a rich father.


The father of Frances Quinn Hunter has not initially accepted her as his child. It took him almost 2 years to accept it. However, today, she is famous as his daughter.