Monty Brinsons is an American actor who attracted public attention when he married world-famous American actress and socialite Kim Richards. This is the reason that the name of G. Monty Brinson is still alive even after his death. Today, we are here to talk about everything in detail about the life of G. Monty Brinson.

Bio of G. Monty Brinson

Monty Brinson could live in this world for only 58 years. If you talk about the parents of G. Monty Brinson, no details are available about it. Moving on to the love life of G. Monty Brinson, he married twice in his life and both of his marriages ended with a divorce just within a few years.

His first marriage was with Kim Richards from 1985 to 1998. Then, he married for the second time in 1991 to actress Terri Lynn Doss. However, this marriage also ended with divorce just within 3 years in 1994.

Wiki of G. Monty BrinsonG.-Monty-Brinson’s-Bio,-Parents-And-Early-life

Here you are unlikely to get much details because G. Monty Brinson has kept these details to himself only. The American man was born in 1957 and died in 2016. If you talk about the religious views, ethnicity, spirituality, personal interests, social presence, and other such details of G. Monty Brinson, nothing is available about the same.

Parents and siblings

As we already said, nothing much is available about the family background of G. Monty Brinson, don’t expect to get anything about his parents as well as siblings. Let alone be there professional details not even the names of his parents are available. As for the siblings, we are not sure whether or not G. Monty Brinson had any siblings.

Physical appearance

Monty Brinson was a tall and handsome man with an attractive personality. The most appealing feature in his personality was his eyes which literally seemed speaking when someone looked at them. His hair was golden and the complexion was fair.

Early life and education

To find out any significant information about the early life education of G. Monty Brinson, we need to have information about his parents and it is not known. Given the fact, the childhood and educational background of G. Monty Brinson remains complete secret to the public.

Career and future plans

We have already told you that G. Monty Brinson was an actor by profession and has appeared in a couple of films as well. Although he couldn’t gain a big level of success in the film industry he still managed to make his name.

Hobbies and favorite things

Like many other life details of G. Monty Brinson, nothing is known about his hobbies. What kind of activities he used to enjoy is not known to the public because he never talked about such things in public.

Net worth

Let us come straight forward to the point and tell you the exact net worth of G. Monty Brinson is not known. However, with the fact that he was an actor, it won’t be wrong to assume that he must have had a decent amount of money in his life.


The life of G. Monty Brinson has not been much smooth in  personal as well as professional terms. His two marriages failed and his professional career was not much fruitful either.