Jennifer Miller-Goff is an author and philanthropist from America who is better known for being the daughter of renowned American businessman, Ron W. Miller. In addition to the father of Jennifer Miller-Goff, her mother is also a famous celebrity. Read this article in detail to have all the information about Jennifer Miller-Goff.

Bio of Jennifer Miller-Goff

Jennifer Miller-Goff is a 64-year-old American celebrity and the names of her parents are Diane Disney Miller and Ron W. Miller. If you talk about the married life of Jennifer Miller-Goff, the name of her husband is Robert A. Goff, whom she married in 1989 and today the couple has been together. Whether or not Jennifer Miller-Goff has any kids is not confirmed.

Wiki of Jennifer Miller-Goff

Jennifer Miller-Goff was born on 8th May 1960 in Los Angeles USA and holds American nationality. This is all you can get about the basic details of Jennifer Miller-Goff. Whether you want to have information about her ethnicity, religious beliefs, personal interest, or social presence, you’re unlikely to get anything.

Parents and siblingsFrances-Quinn-Hunter’s-Wiki,-Parents-And-Net-worth

Jennifer Miller-Goff is the beloved daughter of Diane Disney Miller and Ron W. Miller., who had successful professional as well as personal lives. They got married in 1954 and remained together until the death of Jennifer Miller-Goffs mother in 2013. If we talk about the professions, the mother of Jennifer Miller-Goff was a Philanthropist and her father was a businessman and former CEO of Disney.  If you talk about the siblings of Jennifer Miller-Goff, she has 6 brothers and sisters.

Physical appearance

Although Jennifer Miller-Goff is a celebrity daughter and a celebrity herself, she is probably not interested in stardom and popularity because she never makes public appearances or attends any events. This is the reason finding anything about her physical appearance is not possible.

Early life education

The parents of Jennifer Miller-Goff were not very open about the personal lives of their kids. Given the fact, not at all anything is available about her childhood as well as her educational background. However, with the fact that Jennifer Miller-Goff is the daughter of rich parents, we are pretty sure her childhood and educational background must have been awesome.

Career and future plans

You already know that Jennifer Miller-Goff is an author and philanthropist by profession. Apart from that, not much information is available about her professional career. If you talk about her future plans, Jennifer Miller-Goff has never talked about it openly.

Hobbies and favorite things

Jennifer Miller-Goff must have something that he loves to do but she has not made those details public. Yes, it is not really possible to find out the hobbies and favorite things of Jennifer Miller-Goff because she has kept the details under wraps.

Net worth

Jennifer Miller-Goff is a successful author and philanthropist, so we expect that she must have a good net worth. We are making assumptions about her net worth because her exact net worth is not known.


Jennifer Miller-Goff is the daughter of rich parents but she has kept her life low. Maybe she likes simplicity and is not much interested in showing off.