In some families, just a single person becomes successful in their life and makes the whole family popular. The same goes for Jimmy Don Thornton as well. He was a celebrity sibling popular among the crowd for being the brother of American actor and Filmmaker Billy Bob Thornton. However, we are not here to talk about him but about Jimmy Don Thornton. So, get into the details.

Bio of Jimmy Don Thornton

Jimmy Don Thornton was the son of Virginia Roberta Faulkner and William Raymond Thornton and left the world at the age of 30. If you talk about the love life of Jimmy Don Thornton, he was probably not married when he died. Apart from that, nothing is available about his love affairs and romantic life.

Wiki of Jimmy Don ThorntonJimmy-Don-Thornton

Jimmy Don Thornton was born in 1958 and died in 1988. Apart from that, not much information is available about the basic life details of this American man. If you are interested in learning about the other basic life details of Jimmy Don Thornton such as his religious beliefs, ethnicity, spirituality, personal interests, and hobbies, you are unlikely to get anything.

Parents and siblings

Jimmy Don Thornton was one of three children of his parents Virginia Roberta Faulkner and William Raymond Thornton, who were both professionally successful individuals. The mother of Jimmy Don Thornton worked as a psychic, while the father was a teacher and a basketball coach.

If you talk about their personal lives, when they got married is not known but they remained together till the death of Jimmy Don Thornton’s father in 1974. Speaking of siblings of Jimmy Don Thornton, he had two brothers and their names were John David Thornton and Billy Bob Thornton.

Physical appearance

Jimmy Don Thornton had a rough and tough personality. From his looks to his physique, he always maintained himself really well and this was the reason for his dashingness.

Early life and education

No information is available about the early life as well as educational background of Jimmy Don Thornton but we hope that he had the opportunity to receive a good education in his life because both of his parents were well-educated and professionally successful people.

Career and future plans

When Jimmy Don Thornton died at the age of 30, he was active in the music industry and had achieved a good level of success as a musician and songwriter too.

Hobbies and favorite things

What were the hobbies of Jimmy Don Thornton is not at all known to the public. The reason for that is Jimmy Don Thornton was a private person when he was alive and never shared such details.

Net worth

Jimmy Don Thornton might not have had a huge net worth when he died because he was only 30 at that time but we believe that he definitely had a good net worth because he was successful in his profession.


We believe that Jimmy Don Thornton would have definitely become a big star today in the music industry if he was alive because he achieved significant success even at the beginning of his career itself.