Mattai Jones is known as the son of Van Jones. However, his father has managed to keep his family details out from the public. As a result, very little is known about Mattai. Without wasting much time, let’s get started.


Details of Mattai Jones’ date of birth and early years are not available to the public. However, we do know that he was born in the United States and he is Van Jones’ first child with former wife, Jana Carter. Mattai Jones was named after a famous Kenyan activist who goes by the name Wangari Maathai. He has a stepbrother named Cabral.Mattai-Jones-2024


Details of Mattai’s education are unknown to the public. However, based on some of his pictures posted by his father on social media suggests that he should be in college currently.

His Father, Van Jones

Van Jones has traveled a path for social justice and environmental activism. From his first job as a lawyer to his current role as media personality and entrepreneur, Jones always pushes for solutions that address economic disparity and ecological problems.

Jones has a social consciousness upbringing. Born in 1954 in Jackson, Mississippi, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement he was certainly shaped by that struggle for equality. Afterwards he studied Law at Yale Law School in 1980. This equipped him to confront systemic problems head on.

Jones has combined activism, policy and entrepreneurship. He founded three influential organizations: Ella Baker Center For Human Rights, Color of Change, and Green for All. These groups promoted environmental justice for communities most affected by pollution and clean energy solutions that created jobs.

Jones’ expertise netted him a spot in the Obama White House in 2009. As Special Advisor on Green Jobs, Energy Efficiency and Resilience he helped create environmentally friendly Jobs as part of the economic recovery plan. But he was fired after political controversy.

Jones continued his mission despite being discouraged. In 2005 he launched Rebuild the Dream, an organization dedicated to rebuilding America’s social safety net and empowering communities. From this platform he campaigns for economic policies that link environmental sustainability to economic opportunity for all.

His work has earned him recognition and money. His net worth is unknown but his various ventures – including CNN commentator – certainly make for a comfortable life. But his real passion is for social change and not personal wealth.

Jones’ personal life reflects his work for a better world beyond his professional life. He has two young daughters with friend Noemi Zamacona. That approach echoes his larger message of inclusion and finding new paths.

The story of Van Jones shows that persistence and finding common ground can work. As an environmental and social justice activist he continues to push for collaboration across political divides for a more just and sustainable future. And his voice remains relevant to today’s social and environmental landscape.