Nick Carter is an American singer, dancer, and actor. He is one of the richest celebrities in America. He was born on 28 January 1980 in Jamestown, New York. Nick Carter started his career in his childhood. He started acting in school theater dramas. His mother was the first person who realized his interest in singing and supported him. when he auditioned for the Backstreet Boys band, Nick Carter was only 12 years old. He worked hard and became a successful man in his career. He earns this net worth from his singing career and is working his best to become the richest singer in America.

The Net Worth of Nick Carter

The net worth of Nick Carter is about $35 million. He earned this worth from his singing career. Nick Carter is not only a singer, he is a dancer, actor, and songwriter. It is because of his hard work and passion that he is among the richest celebrities in America.

He started singing for the Backstreet Boys band and remained with it for many years. After leaving the Backstreet Boys band, he appeared in many TV shows.

Nick Carter’s Career and Success

The career of Nick Carter began with his audition for the Backstreet Boys band. He was only 12 years old and was the youngest member of this band. Nick Carter was interested in acting and wanted to become an actor but his mother asked him to try singing because she was well-known for his singing skills. In his early life, he appeared in many commercials and TV shows. He also auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club in the same year. He was selected for both and decided to join the Backstreet Boys band.The-Net-Worth-and-Career-of-Nick-Carter

He started working with this band in 1993. They released their first album in 1996. Everyone liked this album. The company earned more than $10 million within 5 years. The band released another album Black and Blue in 2000 that earned $60 million. After that, Nick Carter decided to leave the band and focus on releasing his albums.

He released his first album,  Now or Never in 2002. This was the start of his solo career. Nick Carter became famous with his first album and toured many countries. Cosmogirl magazine pointed him to Sexiest Man in the World. This was the best time of his career and he earned his net worth from this career.

He released 4 albums, Now or Never, I’m Taking Off, Facing the Music, and All American. Many songs of his album remain in the top 100 on Billboard. All of his albums were liked by the public and got many awards. Nick Carter rejoined the  Backstreet Boys band in 2004. They released a new album in 2006.

Nick Carter has a shining career and is very successful in his life. He is a millionaire because of his tough and energetic work. Nick Carter is living a happy life with his family.