Richard Warner Carlson is a famous American journalist and diplomat, who is better recognized for being the father of world-renowned American TV show host and political commentator Tucker Carlson. However, Richard Warner Carlson himself is so successful in his career that he doesn’t need anyone else to define his identity. Today, allow us to reveal all the information about Richard Warner Carlson.

Bio of Richard Warner Carlson

Richard Warner Carlson is the 86-year-old son of Richard Boynton and Dorothy Anderson. However, he was not raised by his parents but received his early upbringing in an orphanage before a couple adopted him. If we talk about the married life of Richard Warner Carlson, he got married twice in his life.

The name of his present wife is Patricia Caroline Swanson, whom he married in 1979. He has two children, who both are from his first marriage with Lisa McNear.

Wiki of Richard Warner CarlsonRichard-Warner-Carlson

Born in 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Richard Warner Carlson is an American. Apart from this, he hasn’t revealed much information about her basic details like his ethnicity, religious beliefs, hobbies, and other such details. If you talk about his political interests, he is a supporter of the Republican party.

Parents and siblings

Richard Warner Carlson is the son of a teenage couple Richard Boynton and Dorothy Anderson, who give up on the upbringing of Richard Warner Carlson and give him to an orphanage. Other than this, no information is available about the personal as well professional lives of his parents and siblings.

Physical appearance

Richard Warner Carlson has a rough and tough personality. He is blessed with tall height and black hair. His complexion is fair and his eyes are expressive. Overall, Richard Warner Carlson has an attractive personality even at the age of 84.

Early life and education

Richard Warner Carlson did not have a pleasant childhood because he was not raised by his parents but was given to an orphanage. Also, not much information is available about the early education of Richard Warner Carlson. If you talk about his higher education, he completed his law degree from the California Western School of Law.

Career and future plans

After completing his education, Richard Warner Carlson started his professional career as a journalist. When he got quick success in his professional career, he diversified his skills and tried his hands as a diplomat and a lobbyist too. Interestingly, he achieved success in all his professions.

Hobbies and favorite things

No details are available about the hobbies of Richard Warner Carlson because he has preferred to keep these details to himself only.

Net worth

To be honest, the net worth of Richard Warner Carlson is not known to the public because he has never bothered to discuss his earnings. However, considering the professional success of Richard Warner Carlson, we believe that he must have a huge net worth.


Richard Warner Carlson is a successful man and his son went far ahead of him in terms of success. What can be more prideful for a father than this? The interesting thing is his son is active in the same industry in which Richard Warner Carlson was.