Siham Sabar’s relation to Osama bin Laden

Siham Sabar is the wife of Osama bin Laden. She is his fourth wife. Osama bin Laden is the founder of Al Qaeda. He was born on March 10, 1957 in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia. He was famous in the world because of his involvement in terrorist activities. Osama bin Ladin was the mastermind of the 9/11 attack in the United States.

After completing his education at the University, he joined Afghan Mujahidin which was working against the Soviet Union. Then he became part of Maktab Al Khidmat in 1985. He is the founder of Al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden founded Al Qaeda in 1988.

His father’s name was Muhammad Bin Ladin and his mother’s name was Hamida. His father was a businessman.


Osama bin Laden married Najwa Ghanem in 1974. At the time of marriage, he was only 17 years old and Najwa Ghanem was 14 years old. But do not live with each other for a long time. Khadija Sharif is the second wife of Osama bin Laden. He married Khadija Sharif in 1983 and divorced her in the 1990s. Osama bin Laden married Khairiah Sabar in 1984. She was her third wife. In 1987 Osama bin Laden married Siham Sabar. Siham Sabar was his fourth wife.

Amal Al Sadha married Osama bin Laden in 2000. Osama bin Laden has 26 children from his wives. We do not have any information about their children because they were k

ept away from the news because of their father’s acts.

Siham Sabar’s children

Siham Sabar and Osama bin Laden have four children. The eldest daughter was born in early 1988. Her name is Khadija bint Laden. Khalid bin Laden was born in late 1988. The third child of Siham Sabar was Miriam bin Ladin. She was born in 1990. Sumaiya bin Laden was born in 1992. She was the youngest child of Siham Sabar. All the children of Siham Sabar were always present for their father in all his activities. They grew up with the spirit of Jihad.

Khalid bin Laden’s Death

Khalid bin Ladin was the son of Siham Sabar and Osama bin Laden. He was also involved in all the activities with his father. He was also involved in 9/1 attack plans. When Operation Neptune Spear was performed on 2 May 2011, Khalid bin Ladin was with his father. He died on that day.

Siham Sabar’s life after Osama bin Laden

Life becomes very difficult for the family of Osama bin Laden after his involvement in such activities. When he died in Pakistan, some of his children were moved to Iran and some were present in Pakistan. It is said that all the family members of Osama bin Laden were involved in Al Qaeda and they are trying their best to take revenge on their father.\,s death. But now they are away from the eyes of the world and are living unknowingly. But Al Qaeda is always a big threat to the United States of America.