Theo Ressler is a young celebrity child who is in his 20s and is already famous enough to become a public figure. All thanks to his parents, Jami Gertz and Tony Ressler, both are renowned personalities and are the main reason for the popularity of Theo Ressler since his birth. Today, we are going to tell you all the life details of Theo Ressler.

Bio of Theo Ressler

Theo Ressler is a 26-year-old son of Jami Gertz and Tony Ressler. This is all you can get about the biography of Theo Ressler. If you are curious to find out about the love life of this young man, let us burst your bubble and tell you he is smart enough to keep the details to himself only.

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Theo Ressler is an American and his birth year is 1998. Apart from this, finding anything about the basic life of Theo Ressler is not possible because he has not taken the curtains off his personal life details like his religious beliefs, ethnicity, hobbies, personal interests, and other such things.

Parents and siblings

Theo Ressler is one of three children of his parents Jami Gertz and Tony Ressler, who are fortunate enough to have a successful personal as well as professional life. The two got married in 1989 and there has been no looking back for them since then.

If you talk about their professions, the mother of Theo Ressler is a successful actress and his father is a billionaire businessman. Coming to the siblings of Theo Ressler, he has two brothers and their names are Nicholas Simon Ressler and Oliver Jordan Ressler.

Physical appearance

Saying anything about the physical appearance of Theo Ressler would have been possible if we could ever spot him in public. Yes, Theo Ressler is an extremely private person and rarely makes public appearances.

Early life and education

The parents of Theo Ressler are not an exception when it comes to revealing the personal life details of their kids. They haven’t disclosed anything about their childhood as well as the education of Theo Ressler.  Theo Ressler also never bothered to talk about these details in public.

Career and future plans

Theo Ressler has not dropped any details related to his professional career and future plans. With the fact that he is already 26, it won’t be wrong to say that Theo Ressler must have started his professional journey. As for his future plans, he hasn’t discussed any such things in public.

Hobbies and favorite things

Theo Ressler is the son of a billionaire father, so we expect that he must have some king-like hobbies. However, he hasn’t disclosed anything about his personal interests and hobbies.

Net worth

Since Theo Ressler has not made anything public about his profession, nothing can be estimated about his net worth either. He must have started his professional journey and earning money but it is a complete secret to the public as of now.


It won’t be wrong to say that life has been easier and more pleasant since his birth for Theo Ressler because he is the son of such rich parents.