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Travis Pastrana is a professional stunt driver and motorsports racer. He also competed in NASCAR races and Monster Jam circuit. He is very loyal to the Suzuki brand, and always rides Suzuki motorbikes. Today, I will explain about the net worth, early life, career, and relationship of Travis Pastrana.

Beside competing in racing events, he is also a stunt driver. He is also best known for replicating many of “Evel Knievel’s” famous jumps. Travis Pastrana net worth is $25 million. He also developed the Nitro World Games in his career.

Early Life

Travis Pastrana is born on 8 October 1983 in Maryland. He belongs to an athletically-minded family. His uncle played for the University of Maryland as a successful quarterback. Travis Pastrana started his education from nearby high school. After completing the high school, he joined the University of Maryland.

Travis Pastrana also run a show named “Nitro Circus” and the rallycross racing series Nitro cross. He is a four-time Rally America champion. He also raced in the Global Rally Cross Championship like Monster Jam and Race of Champions. In 2003, Travis Pastrana crashes his Corvette into a tree and got serious injuries.

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During his motocross racing, he also performed stunts at the age of 13. When he was just 17 years old, he competing at a high level and won the 2000 AMA 125CC National Championship. In next year, he won the 125cc East Coast Supercross Championship

In 2002, Travis Pastrana is ready to join 250cc class. From the beginning of his career, he attracts the huge community just because of its ability to perform excellent stunts. Travis Pastrana first event for Team Puerto Rico in 2008. In 2018, he competed in the Motocross of Nations event for Team Puerto Rico. He collaborated with his team members to build money for Hurricane Maria in connection with the event.

Travis Pastrana also attracts community with his excellent performances during the X games. He won the first-ever MotoX Freestyle event by scoring 99.0 points. In 2000, Travis Pastrana won the gold medal at the same event.

In 2004, he earned a silver medal just after the next day of his crashed at the X Games. In 2006, Travis Pastrana won 3 gold medals at the year’s X Games. These gold medals included MotoX Best Trick, MotoX Freestyle, and Rally Car Racing. In the same year, he landed the first-ever double backflip in competition.


Travis Pastrana has performed a number of amazing stunts over the year. In 2007, he jumped out of an airplane without parachute above Puerto Rico. He had a mid-air rendezvous with another skydiver and latched them via harness. Then the skydiver released a parachute to make a successful and safe landing. Travis Pastrana faced legal consequences for this stunt, because the attempt something like this is illegal.


In 2011, Travis Pastrana proposed a professional skateboarder “Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins”. After one year of relationship, they decided to married in 2012. The couple welcomed their first child in 2013. They also had another child in 2015. They lives a peaceful life with their children now.